CLYC Sunfish Racing Series


WHEN: Wednesdays & Saturdays
First Warning: 1:30PM

WHO: All Youth and Adult Sailors Welcome!
Participants are not required to be CLYC members

WHERE: Crooked Lake CLYC

An important part of the Youth Classes  includes an introduction to sailboat racing. Many find competitive racing in a safe and relaxed environment effectively improves their sailing skills.

The Crooked Lake Yacht Club (CLYC) sponsors Sunfish Races every Wednesday and Saturday late June through mid-August, and many Crooked Lake Sailors participate in these races. With instructor approval, registered students may use CLS sunfish to participate. Further, youth division sailors have their own start — allowing close competition on a line of their own. 

There is no membership requirement to participate in CLYC races.  However, all racers should sign in with the Race Committee before racing (a parent/guardian signature is required for participants under 18 years of age using CLS equipment). 

While all sailors are expected to conform with The Racing Rules of Sailing, many participants are learning to sail and race just want to have a good time! Racing experience is not needed to participate. However, if you are new to the sport, it is advisable to know your limits when the wind picks up. If you are having difficulties, a safety boat may be able to assist you; however, these volunteers cannot be expected to risk personal injury in rescue attempts. All sailors participate at their own risk. 

The Course

Base Image source: Michigan Interactive (

Base Image source: Michigan Interactive (

The Starting Line (signified as S in the above diagram) is in front of the CLYC.

The Starter announces the course before each race that includes one or more of the 3 buoys that form a triangle:  

  • Buoy 1 is toward Conway, usually off Graham Point

  • Buoy 2 is toward the middle of the lake, in line with the starting line

  • Buoy 3 is toward Oden Island/Oden Park, close to the large Sand Bar

Starting horn sounds at 5 minutes (with a white flag displayed), 1 minute (with a blue flag displayed), then Go (with a red flag displayed), and then for each Finisher. If 3 or more racers under 18 are present: the Race Committee may start a YOUTH DIVISION 5 minutes prior to ADULT DIVISION, following the same procedure. In such a case, a placard will be displayed to identify the individual starts.