What We Sail


Over the last decade, CLS has assembled a large fleet of boats, many through generous donations. 

As noted in the movie Wind (1992), "The big boats get the glory, but the dinghy makes the sailor." And as we are situated on a small lake and sail small boats, we take this spirit to heart.

Our current fleet consists of

  • 4 Coach Boats

  • 16 Sunfish

  • 3 Lasers

  • 8 Optimists (Opti's for short)

  • 1 O’Day 23

  • 4 Harpoon 4.6s

  • 1 Harpoon 5.2

  • 2 Hobie 16s



Sunfish is the most popular fiberglass sailboat ever designed — easy to rig, trailer, and sail.  It also is easy to right after capsizing, and can plane when cruising at above theoretical hull speeds going down wind.   While popular for general sailing, this one design also has a robust international competition. Although generally sailed solo, beginners and smaller sailors benefit from doubling up. Add our unique cut-down sails, and you have a perfect boat for youth and adult beginner sailors! 

We currently have 16 Sunfish, making it our largest fleet.


Optimist (opti)

Opti's are one of the most popular beginning sailing boats since they are small (8'), stable, and have a relatively small sail. However, don't let this fool you: Opti's have a very high skill cap and represent the largest competitive youth fleet globally.

We have 6 Opti's and 2 similar JY Trainers


Boston Whaler Harpoon 4.6 & 5.2

The Harpoons are drier, heavier, and more stable. Manufactured by legendary builder Boston Whaler, they are said to be unsinkable. 2 sails (main and jib) help students expand their understanding of sailing mechanics. Adult classes are usually taught on these larger boats. 

We have four 4.6-meter, and one 5.2-meter Harpoons